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Mars Mission VR

Mars Mission VR Trailer

Mars Mission VR, an epic sci-fi adventure made for you to experience the best VR sensations!
Get ready for zero gravity missions around Mars, piloting a spaceship through asteroids and over a huge Mars area, inside a scary cave, and exploring a large spacestation guarded by robots and drones.
This is NOT another boring VR space simulation ! Fight for your life against many alien creatures, shoot them or burn them with a flamethrower. Face huge bosses.
Jump on the longest zipline, walk on a beam 30m above the ground, drive an explorer truck over mars bumpy terrain, and so much more fun, excitement, fear and adventure.
Voice recognition system allows you to control AVA the sexy android girl with your own voice commands.
As a reference we used some of the best sci-fi and horror classics such as Alien, Gravity, The Martian, Dune, and more.
Mars Mission VR is coming soon !

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