We all know the wonderful movies of Indiana Jones, the awesome game play of Tomb raider…

What if both were combined into one VR game ?

Gameplaystudio VR is proud to announce Mayan Escape : part 1 “Discovery” .  A unique one of a kind escape game using the latest technologies that VR has to offer in a ancient looking environment.

You will need to climb walls, solve ancient puzzles, evade traps, find secrets, battle with ancient creatures while finding your way out the Mayan Temple.

Mayan Escape will contain several add-ons in the future after the initial release of Discovery.

Part 1 : Discovery 

Discovery will let you explore the first levels of Mayan Escape. You start in a Dark cave, overwhelmed by the ambient sounds and maybe ancient creatures. Be sure not to wake them while you explore the area. Once you reached the entrance of the lost mayan temple, you will need to find out how to progress to next levels. We don’t want to spoil everything yet, think as adventurer and keep an eye out for hidden switches, symbols and traps!


Part 2 : to be confirmed 


Part 3 : to be confirmed 



Gameplay : 

  • A unique ancient environment, using the latest technologies for VR headsets ( Rift / Vive )
  • Using all the features that VR has to offer ( roomscale,climbing,shooting,sneaking )
  • Armswinger & trackpad movement to have the natural way of moving around
  • Think as an adventurer , be an adventurer
  • ….


The game is currently in alpha and we expect to have the first playable demo available at the Develop:VR event on 1st december 2016 in London.

It will be announced as coming soon steam in a few weeks.