Come to Candy Kingdom, we have cookies!


While working on KIDS VR Playground we decided to take lollypop land to a new level.

We had a lot of great feedback that we just couldn’t ignore the fact that there was a major interest in lollypop land.

On which we decided to create a stand alone version with a lot of new features, a better level design, improved performance and many more.

For the obvious reasons we had to pick a new name. We needed something catchy that would match the game, we have have chosen a new title : Candy Kingdom

key Features :

  • Fun for all ages
  • Rotating targets
  • 6 Brand new levels with Easy / Med / Hard  (total of 18 tracks)
  • Bonus levels after each 100% completed track
  • Hard mode has cookies! ( Really, we have cookies!) They look fun and cute, but we recommend you to dodge (a lot!)
  • Scoreboard
  • Level select

Yes, Candy Kingdom is a brand new game and a fun experience for everybody that enjoys VR games and can be played by any one and any age!

At the moment, this version is only supported for the HTC Vive headset. We will support other headsets with controllers with future updates when they become more mainstream or are available ( Oculus Rift, OSVR, …)

Currently in closed beta ( if you want to test, please mail us), release will be mid september


Some screens here :


edit : name changed to Candy Kingdom !

Crovax Studios & GamePlayStudioVR

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  1. Hi I’d like to try your game got my nephew round this week and would like to show him.

  2. Hi Craig, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately all our beta keys have been given away due the massive reactions. Please follow us on twitter or the website to be informed about the release. Hope to see you soon in Candy Kingdom

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