Hi there!

As you might already noticed, we are currently working hard on our Kids VR Playground project and we aim to move to beta phase soon.

Creating an unique experience takes a lot of dedication, time and funds, specificly for 2 starting indie dev’s.

We are looking into the option to use facial animation software to express facial emotions on our animated models in the game. By doing this, we are convinced we could deliver a whole new experience.

Also are we looking for specificly created models and music to guide the player through our experience.

It has to be said, for starting indie dev’s , its not always easy to get the tools and software you really need or spend a huge amount of funds to make this happen.

We are hoping to find some additional support and maybe funds to help us create an unique experience for our younger ones.

If you are interested in supporting us or would like to have more indepth view about Kids VR Playground, feel free to contact us!